Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Alaska Cruise: Day Three

See yesterday.

Actually, today wasn’t quite so bad. I still felt pretty seasick all morning, but the seas had calmed considerably by midday, so I was slowly beginning to feel human again. I ate something (a cookie). I showered. I watched The Hunger Games and Rise of the Guardians, both movies for the first time. (I quite liked Hunger Games, actually, but Rise of the Guardians was awful.)

Due to the storm, the speed of the cruise ship had been dropped far below the normal range. The captain announced that our port stop for tomorrow, Juneau, was canceled. That was depressing. We had signed up for a whale watching tour, and knowing that we would miss out on one of my trip checklist items dragged the whole day down.  Also, I miss solid ground so much I nearly wept, knowing that I would be trapped on the turbulent ocean for an extra day.

In the evening, Mom insisted that we go out for a while. See, the cruise makes bags of popcorn in the evening for people to eat while watching a movie, and she wanted it. So she went up and got two bags for herself, and hauled me along to get another two bags. For her. That’s a lot of popcorn.

Man, I hate to be such a Debbie Downer, but so far this cruise has pretty much sucked.

Oh, and I almost forgot – today is my birthday, too! I don’t think I would have remembered at all, but our steward put a sign on our front door this morning. Happy 29th, me.  Too sick to even eat a slice of birthday cake.

Tags: alaska, birthday, cruise, ocean, sick, travel, vacation

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