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Walt Disney Family Museum: Animate Your Night

Animate Your Night: The Island of Misfit Toys

Every couple of months, the Walt Disney Family Museum has a special evening event called “Animate Your Night”, where the museum is open late and there’s food, music, and games. This month there was an extra-awesome bonus: the creators of Robot Chicken would lead a panel discussion and share some of their favorite moments from working on the show. Seanie loves that show, so I knew we had to go. Jeannie and I had so much fun at the last Animate Your Night, and surely this one would be even better.

When we got there, we immediately fell into line to make a flip book. The museum provided a small stack of props – hats and lightsabers and feather boas – and a cameraman records you goofing around. Unfortunately, even with the three of us putting our minds together, we couldn’t think of a single thing to do that was worthy of a flipbook. A lightsaber battle seemed lame. Dancing would be silly and awkward. We ended up leaving the line just as we got to the front, shamed by our inability to be creative.

Luckily, our next attempt at being cool and artistic went much better. Have you heard of The Flat Stanley Project? That was essentially the craft of the evening. The museum had blank human forms that we were to decorate and then photograph throughout the main galleries. We decided to make the puppets into tiny versions of ourselves. I drew Jeannie, she made a Seanie, and Seanie created a rather adorable, big-eyed version of me. I think they turned out pretty cute:

After we finished the puppets, we ran around the museum taking pictures of them.

Robot Chicken.

Front entrance of Disneyland.


Jungle Cruise.

Pretty exciting, right? After about an hour, we lined up for the Robot Chicken panel, which featured Seth Green, Matt Senreich, Eric Towner and John Harvatine. (I hope I got those last two names right. I didn’t write the guy’s names down so I’m totally hoping Google gave me correct information.) The panel was awesome. They talked about the origin of the show, their favorite segments, and nerd culture.

Since he is by far the best known in the bunch, a lot of questions were aimed at Seth Green, but he did his best to spread the speaking time amongst the four of them. I wish I could remember more of his answers, but while he was talking I was distracted by the fact that he is such an adorable pocket-sized man and also, good grief but the man is a nerd. Specifically, a toy nerd – which, I grant you, one might have suspected after watching a few episodes of Robot Chicken but listening to him gush about rare action figures was almost unbelievable.

But really, the panel was about all four men, not just Mr. Green, and the work they do on Robot Chicken. The schedule is quite grueling, from the sound of it – these guys have to write and animate every single minute of it – but it sounds like a lot of fun. They clearly love what they’re doing, and we love the results.

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