Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Easter 2013

Happy Easter, everyone!

Since it felt really, really wrong to skip out on church on Easter Sunday, Seanie and I went to a service at our old church, Venture Christian. It’s probably been over a year since we were last there. It was pretty crowded! Pastor Chip’s sermon was a little unusual. Instead of the standard retelling of the Easter story, he talked about Lazarus and his bodily resurrection. My mind wandered – not in a distracted way this time! – and I tried to remember what I knew about Lazarus. Specifically, what happened to him after his resurrection? Did he wander the earth for a few more years and die a second death? Or, since he has already risen bodily, is Lazarus still walking around, traveling the world for two millennia as a perpetual observer of humanity? Someone’s surely written a novel about that. But anyway, so after church I looked Lazarus up on Wikipedia. Sometime after Jesus returned to the Father, Lazarus fled Judea to Cyprus. He became the first bishop of Kition, and led that church for about thirty years before his second death. Supposedly, he never smiled after his resurrection because of his visions of the suffering souls trapped in Hades. His remains disappeared sometime during the crusades.

After church, we went to Sean’s parents’ house to celebrate. For the first time in years, the family was able to have an Easter egg hunt because the twins are finally old enough to “get” the idea. Well…sort of. Arlo quickly caught on to the idea, and we had a lot of fun scattering the hard-boiled eggs around the yard for him to collect. Liam…well, he didn’t get it. He figured out that the best thing you could do with Easter eggs was smash them against the pavement! He ate part of the egg he broke, but it wasn’t what interested him – he just wanted to smash more eggs. It was pretty funny. Liam had no interest in finding eggs at all.
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