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15 December 2012 @ 10:52 pm
Christmas Sock Party 2012  
Tonight was the annual Christmas Sock Party.

Rhi made meatloaf for dinner.  I've somehow managed to never taste that in twenty-eight years, so it was a first time experience.  The way she made it, meatloaf was basically hamburger with some extra flavoring tossed in, eaten with ketchup sauce?  Really?  I mean, it was delicious.  I just always assumed meatloaf was much more involved and complicated since Mom never made it when we were growing up.

This particular sock party had the regular family of Seanie's parents, brothers and significant others, along with his aunt and uncle.  The twins were there, of course - and we also had the bonus feature of Sean's cousin Lyle, who I'm sure is delightful when you get to know him but came across as a particularly whiny six year old.  Like, he would want to cry when he had to share his toys with the twins.  Good grief.  The twins adored him though, and would follow him around like little puppies, full of admiration for the "big boy".

The presents were so-so this year.  After last year's disappointing crackers, I opted to get "real" gifts this year.  Packs of cards with interesting designs, little lego sets, cheap toys for the kids...it was a mixed success.  For Lyle, I got a dinosaur egg that "hatches" into a dinosaur, and he was completely bored of it.  He barely glanced at it before tossing it aside.  His grandmother tried to salvage the situation, but the present was a total failure.  What sort of little boy doesn't like dinosaurs, I ask you?  Anyway.  The other gifts were better received, at least.

I got some interesting things in my sock.  Erin had found  a pretty butterfly magnet; Seanie's mother added the usual nail files.  I wonder if we'll truly continue this tradition into the future?  Every year it seems like more and more work for the organizers (Rhi and Seanie's mom) and the added expense is frankly a bit taxing during this time of year.  But if it makes the family happy, then carry on, and somehow we'll manage.