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Wedding in Atascadero

Today one of Seanie’s cousins got married down in Atascadero. My dear sweet husband was really excited to go, because he rarely gets to see that side of the family. Me? I was, frankly, more than a little nervous, because I’ve never seen that side of the family and I didn’t know what to expect.

The wedding took place at a BBQ restaurant – well, technically in a field next to it. While we were waiting for the bride to arrive, I got to meet some of Seanie’s cousins. One of them is super-tall and looks rather like Abraham Lincoln; somehow, he’d got the nickname “Little” Dan. He was actually quite delightful, and I’m a little sad that this was the first time we’d met. He’s a youth pastor and really devoted to the kids he works with. I also got to meet one of Seanie’s Asian cousins for the first time – I’ve known for years that one of his uncles adopted some Asian kids and I’ve always wanted to meet them, but we’ve never coordinated anything. Rosanna was really sweet, but quiet and shy - or maybe, just uninterested in talking to me. It happens. I was surprised to learn she actually lives really close to us – practically walking distance. I hope that we can get to know each other better.

The wedding ceremony was very simple, suitable to the rustic surroundings. The bride was beautiful, of course, and the groom looked so happy as she came down the aisle. But it was quite short, overall.

The first dance.

After the ceremony, there was delicious BBQ and more family members to meet. Some of Seanie’s cousins hassled us a bit, asking, “Why didn’t you invite me to your wedding?” but they understood that we’d wanted to keep things small and they admitted they wouldn’t have been able to make a mid-week destination wedding, anyway. I was delighted to meet Evan, an energetic Filipino girlfriend to one of the Buckleys. The Buckley clan can be overwhelming because there are so many of them, so sometimes it’s comforting to have another “newbie” to talk to – plus, Evan was such a hoot! Another person I hope that we’ll see much more of in the future.

Me, Evan, and Seanie’s cousin Amy

Amy, one of Seanie’s younger cousins, might very well end up being the next bride to get hitched. She’s really young – 18 or 19, I think? – but she really wants to be with her boyfriend FOREVER! I was surprised that she wore a white dress to someone else’s wedding, but as Seanie pointed out not everyone can be as obsessed with clothes as I am.

It was a fun night – the wedding wasn’t nearly as “hick” as I’d feared, but it was actually an amazingly fun time. Major props to Alex and Nick, the bride and groom, for planning such a great party!

Several Buckley cousins, together at last!
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