Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Wow, my oil painting teacher is hardcore.

My new oil painting teacher ripped me a new one for being late.

I had overslept a little and traffic was bad, so I was probably about 10, maybe 15 minutes late.  When I got to the class, the teacher was in the middle of his lecture, but he stopped and said that if I wasn't able to make it to class on time every day, I should go down to the registration office and drop the class right now because he didn't have time to waste on students who didn't want to be there.  Part of me just wanted to whimper, "I'm sorry!  I couldn't find parking!  I'm sorry!" and part of me was like, "Well, you deserved that.  I'm surprised more teachers don't go off on late students."

I felt really guilty until another student came in, even later than me, and got the same verbal lashing.  Then I was fine - I wasn't being singled out, so it was cool.

The professor really knows his stuff.  It was fascinating to learn about the different oil mediums and what distinguishes a bright from a flat brush.  (I'd taken painting classes, but none of my instructors had ever explained that before - weird, right?)  If I can just manage to get up in time each morning, I know I'll learn a ton in this class.
Tags: art, deanza, painting

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