Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Last day of Yosemite trip!

The Wawona

This morning we checked out of the Wawona and drove over to Yosemite Valley.   Neither Seanie nor myself had slept very well the night before.  The Wawona is a historic hotel that has been largely preserved as it was originally built.  The walls are thin, and not every room has a toilet.  We had the misfortune of staying in a room next to a very noisy group of people - I think it may have been the television crew that had been filming Friday, because their camera equipment was piled up by the door.  We could hear talking well past midnight, and since their private bathroom was separated from our bed only by a thin wall, every time someone took a piss or sat on the toilet, we heard everything.  That sucked.  (It also sucked that our room didn't have a bathroom, so we had to walk outside and down the hall every time we wanted a toilet or a shower.)

I wanted to do another hike, but our legs were rather sore after yesterday's extended adventure. We just weren't up for anything big.  We parked at Yosemite Village and went shopping, buying a drawstring backpack for myself, a glass mug for Sean and a t-shirt for his mother.  We had bought my mom several bottles of wine at the Ahwahnee for her birthday, so we didn't get her anything at Village Store.

As we were walking buy the Visitor's Center, I saw a sign for the Yosemite Cemetery, and I was surprised - I didn't remember any cemetery and I thought I knew the Valley pretty well.  So, even though Seanie hates going to graveyards I dragged him off to see the tombstones.  There wasn't much to see, to be honest.  There was heavy conservation work at the site, so a lot of the tombstones had been moved, I think.  They were hard to read because the inscriptions were so worn.  After a few minutes, we left.

When we got back into the car, we decided to swing by the Yosemite Chapel to see if the pastor who married us was around.  It's a half hour one-way loop around the Valley, and we were on the wrong side to park next to the Chapel, so had to park on the other side of the valley and cross a meadow to get to the chapel.  So I guess I got a tiny hike in after all!  Pastor Moore was there, so we were able to say hi and chat for a few minutes.  It was actually really nice of him to take the time to see us, because he was preparing to do three weddings that day, and I'm sure he had to prepare a sermon for tomorrow morning, too.  But we talked for about half an hour, and he prayed for us.  I'm pretty sure he couldn't remember our names, since he marries so many people each year, but he was such a sweetheart.  It's a bit sad that I feel closer to a pastor I've seen only a few times than to the pastor whose church I attended for several years every week.

The drive home was HOT, but uneventful.  Thank goodness.  By the final hour or two, we were both so overheated and exhausted that all we could think about was getting home and passing out on the bed.

Classic Yosemite Valley.
Tags: anniversary, travel, vacation, yosemite

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