Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,
k00kaburra Box #7

This is the first Graze box I've had that repeated an item.  I'm not sure whether I should be happy or sad about that - on the one hand, it's nice to see something I liked again!  But on the other, if I want to keep trying new stuff I can't repeat old snacks.  For now, I won't screw around with my ratings to try to jigger the algorithm one way or the other - but I'm tempted to do so if it means getting more variety.

Apple and Cinnamon Flapjack
See Box #1.

Yaki Soba
soba peanut, edamame beans, chili and lemon chickpea noodles and chili broad beans
Ick.  Although I like crunchy, I didn't find much to like in this snack mix.  The soba peanuts didn't have much flavor and the edamame beans had a weird texture, but the fact that I don't much care for chili flavoring is what really killed this one for me.
Verdict: TRASH

Hot Cross Yum
sponge pieces, cinnamon and honey almonds and orange infused raisins
What on earth is sponge?  I mean, it's not sponge the undersea creature or sponge the dish-cleaning apparatus or sponge the cake.  It was basically a little cookie that reminded me of a flavorless macaron, sans filling.  A bit chewy and bland by itself, but great with the other ingredients in this mix.  I mean, who can resist the allure of cinnamon and honey almonds?  Not me!  I used to buy them at the farmer's market all the time.  Add in a light citrus and fruit note with the orange-infused raisins, and you have deliciousness.
Verdict: LOVE
Tags: food, graze, snacks, subscription boxes

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