Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

More work drama w/ Mr. Blackbird

Remember this guy?

Yesterday, one of our landscapers overheard some shouting.  He went over to investigate, and saw Mr. Blackbird having it out with one of his neighbors.  The landscaper went over to attempt to diffuse the situation.  Apparently, the argument was loud enough that several of the people living on the street had come out of their homes to watch, or were monitoring the fight from their windows.  Instead of calming down, Mr. Blackbird reaches over and pushes the landscaper, turning a verbal disagreement into a physical one.  One of the neighbors immediately calls the cops.  Two police officers show up as the CEO pulled up the scene, after being contacted by the landscaper.

The landscaper wasn't really hurt, so he declined to press charges. Mr. Blackbird was still seething, though.  I don't know exactly what went down, but the final result was that he told our CEO that he would "never survive" what Mr. Blackbird was going to do to him.

Oh, my.  A threat from a resident?  That's serious stuff.

When I came in this morning, the CEO told me that we were going to get a restraining order against Mr. Blackbird.  He would be getting a personal one, as would the landscaper involved in the situation, but they would also get a restraining order for every employee in the office.  As of today, the office staff can't do anything for him.  Once he is served, Mr. Blackbird will be unable to enter the building without one of us calling the police.  We've never had to take such extreme steps before, and we've had some pretty cranky customers.

I'm not too worried - Mr. Blackbird isn't stupid, and before this he's never been violent.  I don't think he'd go after the office girls.  But I know one of my co-workers is freaked out, because she's never worked in such an environment before.

Ironically, he's just put his house on the market, so we were all secretly getting excited at the possibility of him moving out of the association.
Tags: crazy lady, rha, work

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