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Rebecca wanted to switch shifts, so today was the first Friday morning I've had off in months.  I decided to make good use of the time  by taking care of a chore I've been putting off for a long time - taking six boxes of books up to Bookbuyers in Mountain View to sell.  There was a large assortment of subjects to choose from: fiction, manga, computer programming, Japanese and Korean language books, textbooks, business books, and "various" random ones.

Of the six boxes, Bookbuyers ended up taking about three boxes' worth of books.  They took all the manga and a lot of the random books, and a good chunk of the business books.  I had figured they wouldn't be interested in the textbooks - but I have no other way to get rid of them so I figured it was worth a shot.  They also took the newer programming books, just ones that had been published in the past two-three years.  For all that they took, they gave me $95.50 in store credit in return.

I thought about that amount on the drive home.  Almost $100 sounds like a lot until you realize that a year or two ago, the stack of manga books would have netted at least $1 or $2 each in store credit.  I probably would have gotten closer to $150 or $200, maybe even more.  I think that the  smaller return is probably evidence of Amazon's effect on the used market; now that they have to compete with Amazon's penny used books, Bookbuyers has to price lower and in return, give less to the customer who seeks to trade books in.  But knowing that I won't get much for my efforts, I'd just as soon sell the books myself, or trade them on websites like Paperbackwap or Bookmooch.   This depletes the selection of "profitable" books for Bookbuyers, which hurts their trade-in selection...

It seems like a no-win situation all around.

Tags: bookbuyers, books, money

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