Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

My books are actually selling on Amazon.

I have a lot of books listed on, but most of them tend to just sit around forever.  Something seems to be going on, though, because I've been selling a lot of books lately.  It's been nice!  I just can't be sure of why there's a sudden spike in sales.  School doesn't start in July, so I'm not getting a burst of pre-fall semester sales.  I did list some new books, but any that are especially rare or in demand.  I haven't adjusted my prices too much.  It's weird, but I can't complain about a nice infusion of cash since I know my income will be taking a huge hit when I move to Utah at the end of the month.

Speaking of Utah, I'm starting to plot out what to take with me.  I know that the housing will have kitchen supplies, but there are still some things I know I'll have to take with me, like my hot water heater and a rice cooker.  I'd like to bring a slow cooker, too, but Seanie might want to use the one we have now and I don't want to deprive him.  I'm also thinking about clothes - I have to pack for both summer heat and winter chill, and I need nice clothes for days at the museum and tougher, casual pants and shirts for when I go hiking.  I'll be sure to bring a tent and sleeping bag, so that I can go camping - but I can't fill the car up with camping gear, so I'll probably have to skip any cookware.Well, realistically any campground I stay at will have a camp store where I can buy food, anyway.   Oh, and books - I must have those!  I just have to keep reminding myself that it's only for three months and I've only got the trunk and back seat of my Civic to fill, so I can't go overboard.


Just found out my glassblowing class for tonight is canceled.  There's something wrong with the furnace, and with no furnace...well, there'll be no glass.  Oh well.  They're hoping to reschedule the class next week but I'm not sure how I'll fit it in.   Time is getting a bit tight around here.
Tags: amazon, books, internship, utah

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