Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Gonna go camping with Seanie's family!

Tomorrow Seanie and I are going camping with Seanie's family.

I'm excited.  This is the first time we've ever done any sort of trip with the Buckleys!  But I'm nervous, too.  Compared to the others, Seanie and I seem so unprepared.  Seanie's parents have an RV.  His brother Terry has an RV for his family.  Sean's other brother has a mountain of camping equipment in the backyard.

We have nothing.  Virtually everything we're using was mooched from elsewhere.  We each happen to own a sleeping bag, but that's it.  I got our tent from my mom.  Folding chairs for the campsite?  Mom.  Padds to sleep on?  My mom and his mom.  Even food, that most basic of survival needs, will be provided by Sean's mother.  I didn't even want to mooch food, but after she said she'd take care of cooking for us I felt obliged to do so.  We don't have any sort of campstove or meals aside from a few snacks.

We'll be staying in Mt. Lassen.  I know that I've been there before, but I don't really remember it.  Part of me wishes we were going to Mt. Shasta instead - it's about the same distance from San Jose, but the mountain is so much prettier than Lassen!  Oh well.  I didn't pick it.  I also hope we'll get some decent hiking in, but I don't know if that will happen because Sean'll want to stay with his family, and how much long-distance hiking can a pair of two-and-a-half year old boys do?  But just getting out of hot, icky San Jose and relocating somewhere nice for a few days will be awesome!
Tags: buckleys, camping, family, hiking, national parks

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