Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Why Target Rocks: Girls' Clothes

Yesterday I was shopping at Target and ended up buying two dresses from the girl's section.  I love the kid's sections at Target - you always find the best deals there!  First of all, kid's clothes are always cheaper than adult clothes.  You could put the exact same dress in girls and juniors, but the  girls dress would be $24 and the juniors would be $36.   The two dresses were perfect for summer - lightweight, casual, and fun.  They're both grey, with neon stripes.  One has pink stripes, the other purple.  They are layered in the front in tiers of slightly ruffled jersey, and the dresses are fully lined so that, if I feel lazy, I don't have to wear a bra.  The best part of all?  They were only $6 each!

So that was exciting.  I've been needing more "lounge around the house" dresses since Sean and I live in a practically air conditioning-free zone.
Tags: clothes, shopping, target

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