Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

I should probably start packing or something.

I should probably start getting everything together for Utah. Seanie and I will be leaving in just under two weeks, after all.

I've heard mixed things about the provided housing. Initially, I was under the impression it was an actual house, but it now sounds like it's a trailer. But it should be a fairly sizeable one - it can house up to three interns, although it sounds like it'll be just me for the duration of my time at the museum. It is close enough to the museum that I will be able to walk to work each day. Indeed, the current intern didn't have a car at all, and she got around just fine. Good to know.

My future boss says that the kitchen is well-stocked, but the intern I've been emailing says that the pots and pans are old and chipped and unpleasant to use. There are plenty of forks and knives and plates, but little in the way of mixing bowls and other preparatory equipment.

The town has two grocery stores, but they are not supermarkets. Rather, they are gas station mini-marts. So I have to keep that in mind; they will stock essentials but if something is the slightest bit unusual, or ethnic, I'll have to bring it with me or order it online.

Dress is "business casual". I hate that term. What does it mean? It could mean anything from jeans and a clean t-shirt to skirts and dresses! It doesn't sound like I'll be issued a uniform, at least. Well, I'm not sure - maybe a uniform would have been a good thing, because then I wouldn't feel obliged to pack so many clothes. Not only do I need to bring a range of "business casual" clothes so I can match whatever I see, I have to pack for hot summer days and the cooler temperature that comes with the end of autumn. I need a few nice things to wear to a museum conference in October, and scrubby clothes that I can hike in. I know I'll end up overpacking, but I'd hate not to have a garment if I need it.

So clothes, household goods, toiletries - what else will I need to pack? I'll have Netflix on my laptop, so I don't think I'll bother with packing any other electronics. I've been playing so much Animal Crossing of late that I'll want the Nintendo DS with me, but it's Seanie's unit, not mine. No worries, actually - better I don't have it because that game is a productivity killer for sure.

Oh, and books. I'm sure I'll have at least two boxes, maybe three, crammed with as many books as possible to get me through quiet country evenings.
Tags: internship, moving out, utah

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