Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Soon, it won't matter for me - but I still can't wait for the next Board election.

So the President of the Board is really annoying, but thankfully he's going to be termed out in another month so we won't have to deal with him anymore. Heck, I just need to hold out for one more week and then I'll be in another state! Unfortunately, my patience with him has worn pretty thin, and every once in a while the snark slips out when it probably shouldn't:

President (pointing to a pair of goggles in the lost and found): Going to do some underwater swimming?
Me: **blinkblink** Is there any other kind?
President: ...
Me: ...
President turns and leaves.

Compared to previous board presidents, this guy has really taken advantage of his position. He's always trying to dodge paying Clubhouse rental fees or he'll sneak in after we've closed to watch TV. The CEO humors him, which only encourages his bad behavior. The other day, he told one of our temps that he didn't have to sign out the remote or the bocce balls because he's the President. I wish I had been there so I could have glared at him and said, "You won't be the President much longer, and I am trying to train these employees to follow the procedures that the Board recommended! Please follow the same rules as everyone else, since as the President you should be the model for other residents to follow, not the exception who gets to ignore the rules you want us to enforce on the rest of the community!"

Man, maybe it's a good thing that we'll both be leaving our positions soon!
Tags: rant, rha, work

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