Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

5 Things: TV Shows

5 TV Shows I'm Currently Watching

1. Game of Thrones
Yup, I finally sat down and started watching this show. I didn't want to begin it until I'd read the book, and I finally finished A Game of Thrones in July. I've only seen the first couple of episodes, but it's pretty good. The characters are more or less the way I imagined them. Sean Bean, of course, is awesome, as is Peter Dinklage. The one actress that isn't working so far is the chick who plays Daenerys – she's just so blah and expressionless that it hurts to watch her.

2. The Borgias
On the one hand, I'm majorly bummed that the series has been canceled after three seasons. On the other, I'm only just now getting around to starting the second season – if I want shows to stay on the air, maybe I should try watching them when they're, well, on the air.

3. Chopped
This show is really addictive! It has many of the elements that sucked me into Iron Chef - mystery ingredients, timed battles, cranky judges, and an entertaining host! Ted Allen may be no Chairman Kaga, but he's loads better than that weirdo they've got hosting the Iron Chef America show. (Are they still making new episodes for that series?) Some of the flavor combinations that the chefs have to come up with are crazy – and yet the judges don't make faces when eating a dessert with hoisin sauce or an entree with cheese crackers, which makes me think the dishes might even taste good?

4. Sherlock
This is a really good show, but each episode is movie-length so I don't watch it very often. Thus, even though I don't think new episodes have been produced in a while, and the seasons are super-short, I still haven't finished Sherlock.

5. Auction Kings
I always have to have a stupid reality TV show to watch, and currently it's Auction Kings. I like seeing what unusual or rare items people will bring into the auction house. When you watch something like Antique Roadshow or Storage Wars, you have to trust that the item really would go for the value they claim. Not so in Auction Kings - every thing is sold at the end of the episode so you can see what was really worth big bucks and what collectibles just aren't in demand.
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