Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Alternate Theory: When a twerp and a dork fall in love...

Luddite that I am, I often don't understand memes 'til they've become old news. I often ask Seanie to explain them if they pop up a lot in social media, since he's usually got a better idea than I do. It doesn't always work that way:

Me: Pumpkin, what's twerking?
Seanie: I dunno, I think it's like a dance?
Me: A dance?
Seanie: Yeah. Like, I think it involves elbows.
Me: Like twitching?
Seanie: Yeah. Maybe.
(A moment later...)
Seanie: I think Taylor Swift did it during the Grammies and upset a lot of people. No, wait. It was Hannah Montana. Parents were mad because kids look up to her or something.
Me: Why would parents be upset about an elbow dance?
Seanie: She was only wearing like metal underwear or something.
Me: Wait, WHAT?
Tags: stupid dialogue, stupids
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