Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

And thus the adventure begins!

I can't believe it - the day is finally here when we leave.

This morning we played Tetris with my boxes of clothes and books and kitchen essentials until everything fit in the back of my Civic.  It quite a challenge, since I totally overpacked - waaaay too many clothes (and Seanie would say, too many books) plus camping equipment.  Jeans came over for a while to pick up my keys, since she'll be house-sitting for us when Seanie's with me in Utah.

We hit the road just after 4:00pm and drove. And drove.  Drove some more.  It's really not an exciting or scenic route, I-5 South.  There's nothing to see but endless dry fields filled methane-spewing cows, or tiny patches of fast food-topias designed for drivers to fuel up and drive on.  (I always wonder where the workers employed by these McDonalds and Burger Kings live, because there are no houses in the immediate vicinity.)

At one of these podunk gas stops, we watched a few minutes of a brilliant sunset.  So there was at least one moment of beauty during the trip.

Around 11:00 pm we pulled into Barstow, which was about as far as we could stand to go.  I had made hotel reservations here, thinking it would be a good stop before Las Vegas - relatively close, so we could maximize our time in the last big city before Boulder, but far enough from the outskirts of Vegas that hotels would still be cheap.
Tags: barstow, california, moving out, travel, utah, vacation

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