Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Takehito, Hitonoko, Nokomura, Murasaki, Sakimoto.

It's really weird. In my favorites, there are three diaries listed all in a row of people located here in my hometown. Weird.
There's a wildfire in the Almaden hills, near my house. It's kind of scary, but not really. We don't live close enough for me to worry about being burnt to a crisp as I sleep, but still. I keep thinking of Doug. He lives right on the hill, and I imagine that if the flames do eventually hit houses his'll be one of the first to become charred ash. Poor Dougie.

Well, I spent the better part of the afternoon trying to find a good picture of Koyasu Takehito. You may not recognize his name, but anime fans should recognize his voice. He's done several popular characters, including Hotohori from Fushigi Yuugi. Anyway, the guy is so freakin' effeminate it isn't funny, especially since his voice is relatively deep. And sexy. ^_~ I wanted to juxtapose a photo of him and one of his characters (Touga! ^_^) for my current Art 2 assignment, but since the pictures I found of him were all the wrong size I'll have to do something else to satisfy my art teacher.

He's pretty - until he opens his mouth, anyway...the man has the absolute WORST teeth I've ever seen. x_X Apparently there were no dentists wherever he lived...kinda ruins the whole Koyasu effect. Must be why he's a voice actor...^_^; But I'm being mean now, so I'll stop. Actually, he reminds me of a Kabuki actor. Nasty teeth, wild-colored hair, pale skin...Kabuki is so bloody awesome, too. If I could figure out how to make little hearts my little faces would have heart-eyes. ^.^;;

Mrs. Clinton told me after class today that my writing "has a voice, which is unusual in a high school student's work." I was like, duh. Of course it does. But still, it always feels nice to have the obvious stated, you know? She also told me I had to lay off on the japanese next time I write a paper for her, and to use a bigger font. X_x Well, you can't win 'em all...

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