Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

You're all BLOODY PAPER DOLLS that will burn away

i>Kanawanai yume wa nai yo. Massugu ni shinjiteru.</i>
There is no dream that can't come true. We can believe.


You know, that's the kind of stuff they're always telling you in school. It's such a lot of bull.
I mean, let's be brutally frank here. In this world, there are only so many people who will make a difference that will be noticed and remembered. Of those people, only a small portion will be recalled in ten years. Even less in twenty. A century will fly by, and then a millenium. Who will still be remembered? Next to no one.
I guess that's what they mean by "idealized teenagers." We all still have our dreams, and still believe that they'll come true. We all believe that we'll bring a difference to the world.
Well, want to know a secret? Most of you won't. Most of you - of us? - will merely be living boring, putrid little lives. You'll be disturbingly like your parents. You'll find that you're not particularly talented, and that you really aren't that special. You'll discover, with time, that you're just a cog in the machine pushing humanity forward and being lost in the crowd. You're not really making a difference, you're just there.
You see, over the past few days I've talked to a lot of people, and in the process I just couldn't help that notice that many of them seemed convinced that they would change the world. Whether for better or worse, they thought that they were special enough/talented enough/good enough to make a difference. They think they're great writers. Lovely artists. Smashing poets. Their ideas are different and new. Guess what - you're not. And you're not. And you're NOT.
It bugs me. For every real talent I meet, I must find at least twice as many dunderheads. People who think they're going to create something big and revolutionary. It's so frustrating that they don't realize how mediocre they are! They think they're bloody Mozarts and all they are is Salieri at best!
I know I'm being catty and rude and prob'ley very hypocritical, but it bloody pisses me off. Where did these people get the idea that they have talent? Mommy? Daddy? That nice teacher at school? I don't know, and I don't care. They bug me.
In fact, the only people who bug me more are those who have talent and can make a difference but they don't realize it because they're busy feeling sorry for themselves or not realizing that they've got these skills or WHATEVER. Those people, (and several people on TOD are coming to mind) though I love 'em all to death, really*really*really*really*REALLY just IRK me sometimes!
Okay, that was both executed poorly and sloppily. Ick. Oh well, not like anyone takes anything I say seriously anyway.

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