Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

First day of my internship!

It's my first day at the Anasazi State Park Museum! Let the excitement!

When I came in this morning, I met the park manager, Mike. He's a super-relaxed, nice guy. The first thing he asked, after introductions, was whether I'd gotten the keys to the trailer the day before. I told him that I'd been told there weren't any, and he burst out laughing. He explained that locking doors just wasn't common in Boulder - “I'll be leaving on a trip in a few weeks and I probably won't bother to lock anything up!” - but they understood that folks from the city might not be comfortable with that, and he dug up the keys for me. This made Seanie feel better, since he has all his computer equipment with him for work and it makes him uneasy to leave the trailer unlocked when we aren't home.

Mike gave me a quick tour of the museum – front desk, curator's office, storage room, etc. - and then let me explore the museum on my own. I went through the main exhibit gallery, trying to retain as much information as possible about the Anasazi. (In spite of my best intentions, I did very little resarch on them before my arrival.) After finishing the indoor portion, I went outside and walked around the archeological site. The ruins themselves are kept behind a barrier, but there's a replica building so that visitors can see what it's like inside a completed building. While I was staring down at the remains of an Anasazi granary, I caught sight of a piece of paper that had been dropped/thrown into the ruins. It drove me nuts, so without thinking I dove behind the barrier to retrieve it. Back at the Egyptian Museum, after all, a normal part of the intern's duties was going down into the tomb pit to retrieve the junk that guests left behind. After climbing out, I realized this may not have been 100% kosher, so it was a good thing there weren't any visitors around.

In addition to the exhibit gallery and the ruins, there is also a video in the art gallery. I went in to watch it, and I felt a strong sense of deja vu. The movie was very, very familiar, as if I'd seen it before – although I can't imagine where, unless some deep recess of my memory remembers it from childhood trips through the Southwest with my mother. It's also an ancient little film, probably put together in the late 70s or early 80s. It gives a brief overview of the Anasazi throughout the Southwest, which is great supplementary material to the museum galleries, which only cover the Anasazi here at the Coombs site.

The rest of the morning was taken up by basic paperwork, discussing my role at the museum, and exploring the files in the curator's office. It's a nice big workspace, originally intended for the curator and up to three interns – but now there's no curator and I'm the only intern, so it's huge.

When lunch rolled around, I went back to the trailer (it's less than five minutes away) and talked with Seanie, who was freaking out because a laptop that he needs to review had not yet arrived in Boulder.

The afternoon was pretty laid back; I was off and on the phone with the Help Desk, which manages all computer-related accounts for the park, trying to get my account up and running. By mid-afternoon I was getting pretty burnt out – it's a lot of information to take in at once, and I'm not used to ten hour shifts! - so my boss let me off a little early. I went home and made dinner for poor Seanie, who was diligently tapping away at his keyboard.
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