Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

A care package from my husband! <3

Yesterday, a care package from my dear sweet husband arrived.  It was almost completely unexpected - he'd let it slip a day or two before that something was coming in the mail, but I didn't have any idea what he was sending.  It turns out that my husband had been listening to my endless whining about my lack of sushi and other Asian foods.  He couldn't send me raw fish, of course, but he could send me Japanese snacks...

Individually wrapped hi-chew?  My, that's convenient!

Animal crackers have long been Seanie's comfort food; sometimes he buys them for me when we've been fighting.  This time, it's just because he misses me, and because it's cute.

What on earth is Panda Pocky?

For reasons that I can't even explain myself, I love UCC Coffee.  So Seanie made sure to include several cans in my care package.

But that's not all that Seanie sent.  He also included a love letter, which he initially typed on his vintage typewriter, but he later went back through with a pen and "corrected" his mistakes, which was pretty funny.  It made me so happy to read the letter, because I know that Seanie doesn't much care for writing them.

The last thing in the box, carefully wrapped in several layers of plastic to protect it, was Seanie's Nintendo DS.  He sent it to me so I could play Animal Crossing: New Leaf, which I am super-duper-addicted to.  He doesn't have time to play very often, so the town was overgrown with weeds and some of the villagers had moved away.  But I spent (most of) last night and a good chunk of today getting everything up to snuff.  It may have been a curse to send the game to me because it is death to productivity, but it's so much fun!
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