Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Care package from Mom today!

Mom recently got back from a big trip to Greece and the Holy Land.  As she settled back into the rhythm of life in San Jose, she had to put up with my constantly whining about the things I missed about home: namely, Trader Joe's, Asian food, and instant gratification every time I get a craving for a certain treat.  Feeling sorry for me, Mom put together a care package.  It arrived today, and I eagerly dove into it.

In no particular order, the box contained:

  • a book about the Acropolis, which she picked up on her cruise trip

  • a bag of dried egg noodles, which I had been dying for because without it, I can't make chow mein!

  • two boxes of Turkish Delight, one rose-flavored and one mystery flavor (it's a fruit but I'm not sure which one)

  • a pile of cruise ship chocolates; Princess leaves one on your pillow each day, and Mom doesn't eat them so she just tossed 'em in the box

  • a box of Mentos gum (Mom considers those essential for traveling)

  • a tub of Trader Joe's crispy chocolate chip cookies (one of my favorite snacks)

  • a Clif bar "for padding"

  • a package of tissues - presumably also for padding

Thanks Mom!  I feel warm and fuzzy inside <3
Tags: family, food, mom, snacks, surprises in the mail

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