Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Movie: How to Train Your Dragon (2010)

Jeans has been telling me for ages that I need to see How to Train Your Dragon. “It has dragons! It's animated! It's fantasy! You love all that stuff,” she says.

“But it's Dreamworks,” I shoot back, and consider the discussion closed.

But Seanie and I had some time to kill last week, and the local discount theater was screening the film on the big screen. I had also heard that Chris Sanders, creator of Stitch of Lilo & Stitch, was involved, which gave the project promise. We went.

On the one hand, How to Train Your Dragon was better than I expected. The character design wasn't half-bad, nor was the scenery and the world in which they lived. Heck, there was a lot of love and imagination put into the design of those dragons, and Toothless, the injured dragon befriended by our hero Hiccup, was freakin' adorable. There were definitely elements of Stitch in his design.

But the human characters generally didn't interest me, and the whole story was predictable in a “been there, seen that” sort of way. I can see why the movie has appeal, sure, but personally I didn't find it to be much of a winner.

But then again, it is Dreamworks, and this is a huge improvement over their standard productions. If How to Train Your Dragon would only be considered a middling feature for the Disney studio, it's definitely the best thing Dreamworks has put out. So I suppose there's hope for that studio...although I remain skeptical about their work.
Tags: animation, dragons, dreamworks, fantasy, movies

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