Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,
k00kaburra Box #11

This week's Graze box arrived all smooshed up - the snacks themselves were unaffected, but man, the box was in sorry shape.  But hey, it still tastes good so who cares if it's a little ugly?  If I was smart, I would have saved the snacks to take with me on my road trip to Bryce Canyon this week...but the munchies called and they are long gone.

Pear Tatin
See Box #2.

Herby Bread Basket
See Box #5.

Vanilla Cherry Frangipane
cherries, almonds, vanilla pumpkin and vanilla sunflower seeds
I actually had to look up what "frangipane" was, and now I'm a little confused - how is it different than marzipan?  Is it just a softer version of an almond sweet paste?  Anyway, this is another excellent trail mix, albeit a very sweet one.  The pumpkin and sunflower seeds are covered with a sort of vanilla glaze, which makes them extra crunchy and sweet.  The cherries are sweet, too, but they have just enough tartness left to keep the mix from becoming cloying.  The almonds help ground the flavor, too.
Verdict: LIKE

Pina Colada
pineapple, coconut flakes and mango
I like dried fruit, but this was not a good combination.  Pineapple and mango are tough and fibrous when they're dry, while coconut is incredibly bland.  Together, this created a very chewy mix that lacked flavor.  Individually, I would have enjoyed the pieces of mango, but the pineapple and coconut were both unpleasant.  They definitely didn't taste fresh, even by the standards of dehydrated fruit.
Verdict: TRASH
Tags: food, graze, snacks, subscription boxes

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