Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Calf Creek Falls

I got so wrapped up thinking about a potential new job that I forgot to talk about my hike yesterday to Lower Calf Creek Falls.

The air in Utah is so much thinner than back home, due to elevation, that I still get short of breath pretty easily. I'm also beginning to suspect that Utah miles are, in fact, longer than California miles because I've done six mile hikes before, and this felt much, much longer. Calf Creek Falls isn't a difficult hike - the terrain is mostly flat and sandy since you're hiking beside a creek along the bottom of a canyon. But the heat is killer intense, and combined with the lack of oxygen the trek can become quite draining, even with frequent water breaks.  It sure is beautiful, though.

It was definitely worth it, though! While I wouldn't necessarily rank Calf Creek Falls in the list of the top five waterfalls I've seen, it's certainly a pretty sight, especially after sweating through several miles of Utah desert.  When you are about a quarter mile from the falls, the landscape becomes much more green and you can smell the dampness in the air.  It's very refreshing.

One of the other highlights of the trail are some large Fremont pictoglyphs painted on the canyon walls.  From the trail, they look small - but I'm sure they must be at least life-size or even larger when you're standing next to them.  (My boss said that there's no reason I couldn't go right up to them to investigate up close, since it's BLM land, but I didn't want to wander off the trail since I'm not confident in my general ability to navigate cross-country.)   There were also supposed to be Fremont granaries nestled in the cliff sides, but I must be a lousy archaeologist because I couldn't find any of them, no matter how hard I squinted and strained to find them.

Tags: bureau of land management, hiking, nature, travel, utah, waterfalls

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