Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Rain, rain, GO AWAY!

It has been raining like crazy the last few days.  I'm told it's quite unusual for this time of year, when the Utah desert is usually quite dry and sunny.  Instead, we've been getting a steady diet of thunderstorms, rain showers and the occasional deluge.  I had originally intended to make a trip of the next few days, heading up to Moab or perhaps even as far as Vernal - but with the rain pounding down I don't dare.  We've been getting reports at the museum of roads washing out, and wouldn't it be just my luck to get trapped in the middle of nowhere between two washouts, unable to get back to Boulder?  Heck, I've even heard that Highway 24, one of the major roads that I use, has gotten flooded out and closed Capital Reef National Park.  Crazy!

Supposedly, this is the biggest storm to hit the area in at least twenty or fifty years, depending on which local I talk to about the rain.
Tags: boulder, rain, rained out, utah

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