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Well, I guess this is growing up.

I'm an irredeemably eejitous, moderate, tight as fuck, relatively well adjusted human being!
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While trasferring entries from Teen Open Diary and Free Open Diary, the oldest dating all the way back to summer 2000, I felt extreme longing for the good ol' days of high school. I really miss stomping about the city with Davy; I miss his constant presence. I thought about it while I was reading my earliest entries, and you know...I can't honestly say where he is now. I assume he's still in San Francisco, going to State; but I can't remember him talking about school once this past year. He talks about the people he knows and the girls he meets, but he doesn't talk about where he goes or what he does. Ah, but I miss him today...I miss all sorts of people. I miss Kathy, because she was always so smart and serious and mysterious and cool when I was being a stupid lazy kid. I miss Chris; I only see him online and not too often. I miss seeing the same psycho group of kids every day and liking them and enjoying their presence. These kids at DeAnza don't satisfy me the way the Branham kids did...
La. I gave Kathy one of my access codes today because she is the coolness. The other is reserved for Kitty, and when I get my third one next week...well, I don't know who that will go to yet.
I want to go to church tomorrow..I shall have to see if I can somehow pull together and go.

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