Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Travelocity - it's good 'til something goes wrong, and then it's a nightmare!!

Last night I made a hotel reservation via Travelocity in Midvale, a town/suburb about twenty minutes from the Salt Lake City airport. When I got to the Extended Stay America around 6:30 pm, they had not received anything about a reservation under my name. Annoying, but these things happen, so I wasn't too upset. I called Travelocity and spoke to a guy named Dean, who emailed the reservation information to the hotel. Unfortunately, the hotel couldn't check me in without payment, and I had already paid Travelocity. Dean said he'd fax Travelocity's credit card information over. Figuring it would take a little while for that to be processed, I got back in my car and found a nearby restaurant so I could eat dinner.

When I got back to the hotel lobby at 7:45, the hotel still hadn't received the fax containing the credit card number from Travelocity. I was surprised, since I've never had trouble with Travelocity before. I called their customer service line again, and this time I spoke to a woman named Christina.  She told me that the hotel had to call a certain phone number to get the credit card number, and then she hung up on me.

I called a third time, and was lucky enough to get Dean again.  He told me he would fax the credit card information again.  By this time, it was past 8:00.  By 8:30, the hotel STILL had not gotten the fax from Travelocity, and I was getting seriously annoyed because it had been two hours since my first attempt to check in.

I called a fourth time and spoke to someone named Anna. For the next forty-five minutes, she kept me  on hold while she talked to the hotel.  She said that she faxed the hotel twice and could do nothing else because she didn't have credit card information herself. At this point, it was 9:30.  I had been waiting in the hotel lobby for THREE HOURS for a room that should have been available the minute I arrived. I was tired of waiting for Travelocity to get the hotel the information they needed, so I charged the room to my credit card.

The hotel staff were as nice as they could be, offering me popcorn and checking their email/fax every few minutes to see if the Travelocity information had arrived. But after the long drive from Boulder, I just wanted to relax in the hotel room and maybe watch a little Game of Thrones on my laptop. I also found it ridiculous that Travelocity didn't have someone on staff who could take care of the problem quickly and efficiently – or at least issue a refund right away. My entire evening was wasted! I'll definitely never use them for my travel plans again.
Tags: bad customer service, travel, utah

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