Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Well, back to Boulder now!

Seanie and I had a rather quiet morning. After checking out of the hotel, we wandered around Downtown Disney for a while. Seanie patiently waited while I went into Sephora to look at the new Urban Decay “Ocho Loco” eye pencil set, and together we laughed at the ridiculously overpriced “Build-A-Bear” shop. But we couldn’t hang out forever, because I had to get back to the airport and fly to Salt Lake City.

It was really weird leaving Seanie at the airport. The vacation is over, the fun in Disneyland is done, and it’s time to go home…but isn’t home where my husband is? Boulder suddenly seems a lot colder – although that may simply be the change from 90 degrees in Anaheim to 50 degrees in Utah. Whatever. I’ll miss Seanie like crazy ‘til I get back to California again.

The drive back from Salt Lake City was long and boring. It’s funny, the drive to Cedar City is about three hours and it’s fun – very scenic and pretty. Salt Lake City is just another hour, but the combination of boring Interstate and less engaging scenery makes it a drag. When I got back to my trailer in Boulder, I just wanted to curl up and sleep or watch a lot of TV.
Tags: california, disney, disneyland, halloween, travel, utah, vacation

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