Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

So what is this internship about?

Today Mike and I sat down and discussed what I would be accomplishing during this internship. There were three major tasks that I could expect:

1. Inventory
The museum is in the middle of its first collection inventory in ten years, and one of my goals will be to finish the inventory. I think that I can do it. The storage room isn't that big, and while there are a lot of boxes in the back, I think I'll be able to finish them by the time my internship ends, no sweat.

2. Develop an exhibit.
Mike wants me to develop a new exhibit for the museum, which I am thrilled about because it's a fantastic opportunity. I've been trying to think of what to do, and I'm coming up blank. I had thought, when I was back in San Jose, that I could do something about pottery and Anasazi techniques, but the museum already has an excellent exhibit on that topic. The intern before me had begun work on a flint-knapping display, and Mike suggested I continue with that theme. Flint-knapping is the technique used to create arrowheads, axes and other stone tools. I don't know anything about the process. Mike's got a friend who works with stone who can help, and this will give me a chance to flex those research skills that have gone dormant since I graduated from San Jose State. I think it's as good an idea as any, so why not?
Today I was fooling around and I thought, I wonder if I could use QR codes to connect a video to the display sign? It would save money - there's a nice budget for the exhibit, but I doubt it's big enough to include video equipment - and bring a little bit of technology into the museum, which I think would be great. If it proves successful, other interns next year could then add QR codes to other exhibits! Mike is into the idea, so I'll have to try it out.

3. Create an education program for the local schools.
So in theory, Mike says there's already some education plans that have been put together by previous interns. He'd like me to put something together that I can take to local elementary school to teach kids about the Anasazi. It's not my favorite project, but my educational experience at the Egyptian Museum (school tours and whatnot) were one of the things on my resume that I think attracted Mike's attention, so I'd best push up my sleeves and figure something out!
Tags: anasazi state park, internship

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