Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Christmas Eve 2012

Seanie and I ran around this morning to finish up some Christmas shopping and wrapping presents and all that good stuff.  In the evening, we went to my Mom's house for the traditional Christmas Eve dinner.  Mom made roast beef, which was nice - as usual my uncle did the honors when it came to carving it up.

I never know whether or not I should buy my uncle a Christmas present.  Some years we exchange gifts; some years we don't.  This year, I talked to my brother and we decided that since our uncle had said, either last year or the year before, that we didn't need to do presents anymore 'cuz we're all adults, we wouldn't worry about presents.  But then my uncle gave Seanie and I a beautiful print of one of our wedding photos, and a cool Starbucks gift basket.  So I felt super guilty because we didn't get him anything!

I had such a good idea for a gift, too!  I've seen these funky coffee cups online that are shaped liked camera lenses - the travel lid on the cup is the lens cap.  When we got home tonight, I went straight online and ordered one to give to my uncle next time an appropriate occasion arises.

Kenny got me a cool book; Mom went with her usual cash gift but also some little knick knacks from her travels.  It was a quiet sort of Christmas Eve, but  it was nice.
Tags: christmas, family, holidays

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