Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Christmas 2012

For the last couple of years, the holiday tradition has been Christmas Day at the Buckleys.  We arrive in the morning, eat breakfast, and open presents all day long.  (It's a big group, so it takes a while.)  Each year, it seems, the festivities start a little later, because Terry and Rhi spend Christmas morning with her parents, and they don't make it out to the Buckley ranch until early afternoon.  Since they're the ones with the grandchildren, Sean's parents don't want to start any Christmas stuff 'til they arrive.  Understandable.  But this means that everyone else ends up sitting around for hours, waiting for them to show up.  This year, Seanie and I decided to have breakfast with my parents instead of heading straight up to the ranch.  It was pleasant.  Kenny wanted to make pancakes with this funny Trader Joe's mix, but something about it didn't work out because the pancakes had the texture of granola.  I don't know if it was a user error or a problem with the formulation, but they were slightly inedible.  But there was plenty to eat anyway.

When we did make it up to the ranch, we had "breakfast" again.  I wasn't particularly hungry, since we'd just eaten at my mom's, but I had a few fritters just for form's sake.

When they finally arrived, fresh from a nap, the twins were really cute!  They were really into the whole unwrapping presents thing.  Whenever they threatened to get too fussy, we'd hurry and distract them with a present to unwrap.  They still fought with each other over toys and whatnot, but they were pretty well behaved overall.

I got a couple of really cool gifts.  The best one by far was a gift certificate to Bay Area Glass Institute, which covered a good chunk of the cost of a glassblowing class.  That was terribly exciting!  I also got some cool books, including an annotated Wizard of Oz. There were also some household items, like a coat rack (which we've really needed) and some baskets.  A delightful haul, all in all.

The funniest gift was a pest control kit that Rhi put together for Seanie.  He's been plagued with everything from pantry moths to mice to a crazy new wife, so she filled a box up with traps and poisons to help prevent the problems from returning.  It was quite cute and clever.

Seanie's mom was quite desperate to get all the girls Kindles, but thankfully my husband talked her out of the idea.  (Thus the large BAGI certificate.)  But Erin got a Kindle, and I think Rhi did too.  It's a cool gift idea, and I hope they get a lot of use out of them.  

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