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Sunday gets better

Sunday afternoon I had scheduled a date with my special lezzy lover Bandaid. I picked her up and we took the light rail downtown to see The Magic Flute, Mozart's most famous opera. I personally have mixed feelings on this opera; the music is beautiful but the Masonic overtones in the story kill it. Blah. I'm too lazy to write a review – read what the Metro had to say if you really care. It was fun and it was pretty. I'm glad I went, and I'm glad I brought Bandaid with me. She needed it for a school assignment. ^_^;

Before we went to the opera, we had an hour to kill. There was a huge Cinco de Mayo festival downtown, but because they charged admission to go in we decided to check out the library instead. Neither of us knows the Martin Luther King branch very well, so we ended up in the Japanese section, looking at photographs in a book called "Dressing Princess Diana." Man, Princess Di had some interesting fashion sense...she wore polka dots and very bright colors galore. And her hats! Oh man, those hats...they were huge with floppy brims, or little pillbox caps, or bizarre constructs of feathers and veil net. Only Diana could carry it off (if not always successfully.)

After I dropped Bandaid off at home, I returned to my own house and visited with my grandparents for a few minutes before they left for their home in San Francisco. Yay. Family is good.

Sidenotes: Next year, BSJSV is performing Coppelia! Wai! That is my favorite ballet ever! **tail wag** And Opera San Jose will be doing Die Fledermaus! Wai wai wai! Daddy better get season tickets! <3

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