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That's destruction of famed mentality

Yume: Plants wind up the trunks of trees, reaching for the sun. They have to break through the upper levels of branches to survive. Watch them coil upwards.

See which Greek Goddess you are.

The holly and the ivy, when they are both full grown...of all the trees that are in the wood, the holly bears hte crown. Oh, the rising of the sun and the running of the deer. The playing of the merry organ...sweet singing all the choir.

Today was icky. I ended up going to school early because I feel like being in the house much longer; I forgot my good paper for art and didn't have enough gas to go home and get it, which was aggravating. I got to play with Bandaid and Kitty for a while, which was great. :) They are my favorite precious lezzies, after all. Who else was around? The boy, of course, but he is dull when he is tired (or online...or on the phone...or at my house; he never wants to be entertaining!)...and Ted, who is tall and dull; there was Johji, he's depressed and dull – other miscellaneous people were around, but they were dreadfully dull and I'm not going to bother to learn their names. Otaku and gamers are nice people, I hear, but they are dreadfully, terribly dull in large groups. I thought I might be one of them, but after a quarter or two it's painfully clear that I am not. I am going to be a famous fashion designer, and I ought to surround myself in similar people – not with people who think fashion is stupid and a waste of time. Ah, but if only they knew! They might be redeemable if they just worked on their style...maybe.
Honestly, though. "Your shirt is inside-out." No, it's not! That kills me! It's called contrast stitching and deconstruction. Arrrr...I try to commit Verbrechen des Sichtschlages for you people, but my efforts are wasted. You don't even get the art. Fools....all fools!
I'm uber-bitchy today, and why shouldn't I be? I'm a girl and I'm f*cking bleeding and who wouldn't be pissy? As I sat there, listening to these strange creatures prattle about who-knows-what, all I could think was, If I became a pirate and sailed away with Bandaid, I would not miss a single one of these. I think I shall have to do that, and soon, before I lose my nerve. We sat there, complaining about and badmouthing the lot of them, and half of them didn't even seem to notice.
Carl offered me pearl tea today. I was so proud of myself for refusing! I'm trying to be less of a sponge...ever since I started driving, I've gotten uber-cheesed off by people who always ask for rides. So I'm trying to be less annoying that way...but I have no money most of the time, so it's haaaaaaaard.

You'd think that drawing class would've cheered me up; I mean, what do I love to do? But I hate that class so...the teacher ignores me and I can't fathom why? He was walking around today (we went outdoors because of the nice weather) and every time he walked by he'd talk to Kitty, Tyler, and Bandaid – but I must've been invisible! He didn't even stop to say "Good job!" or "What a piece of shit you're drawing!" I can't figure out if this means I'm doing well or poorly, but it's *oh*so*frustrating! In the two times he's talked to me during class, once was to ask me who I was drawing (no feedback on the art itself) and once to comment that my technique was good. So I guess I have nothing to worry over...I hope not. I really won't be able to stand myself if I can't get an 'A' in this class.

My hands are still ugly. I managed to get two new cuts on them today, plus a scratch on my elbow. Damn.

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