Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Fun little side trip with the girls

That was a fun little road trip!

I got back early this afternoon from Cedar City.  For once, I didn't make the trek on my own - Yuki and her friend Moll came along for the ride.  Actually, Yuki organized everything, which was fantastic.  Her brother got us a discounted room at a Marriott Suites, so it was much nicer than the rat traps I usually stay at.  Another friend of hers got us free tickets to Richard II and Peter and the Starcatcher, so we were able to see two plays.  It's funny, but it wasn't until I finally spent some time with girls my own age that I realized just how little socializing I've been doing while in Utah.

Close to Cedar City there was snow on the sides of the road.  That makes me a little nervous - am I going to encounter snow before I leave?  I was really hoping to avoid it, since I don't want to put chains on my tires and, being a California girl, I'm used to more moderate temperatures.  Hopefully, the snow can hold off for a couple more weeks, 'til I'm back home.
Tags: cedar city, travel, utah, vacation

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