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20 October 2013 @ 09:04 pm
Gearing up for the ol' job search again...  
Well, back to the job application grindstone.

While it looks like I'll still have RHA when I get back to San Jose, it sounds like my hours will be reduced down to alternating weekends, which is really minimal.  Like, 8-12 hours a week?  Sounds like trouble.  Thankfully, my health insurance will still be covered by the company so I won't be entirely dependent on Seanie for lifestyle funding.

But I've got to find a job.

I've been applying to pretty much any museum job that I can remotely qualify for - location doesn't matter.  I've applied for positions in Colorado, Utah, Southern California, and even cities out on the East Coast.  If it's in a museum and it deals with curatorial or collections management, I'm interested.

Of course, my preference would be to find something in the Bay Area.  I really do miss living in California, where the weather's warmer and the climate doesn't make my skin peel like an onion and my family and friends are all nearby.  But I don't see a lot of jobs popping up in the museum field, so I think that if I don't locate something before I get home I'm going to have to open up the search to include pretty much anything full time with benefits.