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26 November 2000 @ 07:09 pm
Bushed & Gored to Death  
Bush won the Electoral College. He'll be the President, most likely, and Gore will not. At this point, who cares?

There is, for all practical purposes, no difference between the two. Neither of them ran to win, they ran to beat the other party.

I wish Nadar or Buchanan had had a chance of winning. Both of them are extreme, but at least they ran for a reason other than a party win.

I wish John Hagelin of Natural Law had gotten a fair amount of media coverage. He is the one who I stand behind. He would've represented me and my opinions.

We need to beat this two party system. But no one is willing to. Why? Because it requires independant research, so that you know more party candidates than the guys with the most money.

And alas, alack...Americans have no time to do that. Or they won't make the time. It's all the same in the end.

We reap what we sow.
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