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Fall TV: What worked, what didn't...

This is a follow-up entry to my enthusiastic FALL TV PREMIERES post a few months back.  What shows were worth waiting for?  What series have I already abandoned?  This has been the first time in memory where I have had the time to stay caught up on these shows as they come out, and it's been quite interesting.

I'm still watching...

  • Once Upon a Time: Making Peter Pan into the villain is the best decision that the OUaT writers have made, and bringing a few key characters to Neverland and focusing on them has given the series new life.  I've rediscovered why I like Regina, Rumpelstiltskin and Emma - they're complex people who understand that the world isn't simply black and white.  Sure, the "good" Snow White and Prince Charming are heroes and I guess I should root for them, but most of the time their simplistic world view and stubborn insistence that good always triumphs is a cheap boosterism that makes me hope one or both of them will get killed off.  I know it won't happen, but one can wish.

  • Grimm: I love this show.  Sure, it drove me NUTS that the season premiere stretched the cliffhanger ending from last season out not just one, but two episodes, but I really enjoyed the show and there's a lot of plot points that I look forward to the show exploring in greater detail.  Are we finally going to learn more about the Royal family?  Is Adalind gonna have that stupid baby or not?  Now that Juliet's aware of Nick's Grimm status,how will it effect the relationship?  And most importantly, what's going to happen to Wu???

  • Sleepy Hollow: Wow, this show sounded like such a mess when I first discovered it, and yet it has somehow become my favorite TV show this fall.  A lot of that rides on the strength of the actors - Tom Mison, Nicole Beharie, Orlando Jones and Lyndie Greenwood manage to convincingly sell the most preposterous premises every week.  I hate missing episodes because so much is packed into every one that there's no way to follow the action if you skip a week.  My husband hasn't seen the first couple of episodes, so whenever he tries to watch the show with me, he's hopelessly lost.

  • Marvel's Agents of S. H. I. E. L. D.: Ming-Na Wen and Clark Gregg, as Agents May and Coulson, consistently bring maturity and power to an otherwise very young team of secret agents.  I don't have any extended interest in the computer hacker or the emotionless robot or the two British scientist agents (hell, I'm not even sure which is Fitz and which is Simmons) but I like the two "grown up" agents that I keep coming back week after week.  It fits nicely into the movie Marvel universe, but I think that even if you haven't seen The Avengers or Thor or Iron Man, you're fine.  So far...

I have abandoned...

  • The Legend of Korra: But not intentionally!  Unfortunately,  when I was in Utah I could not get the episodes to play on Nickelodeon's website, and I stubbornly refused to purchase them individually.  I think that once the series comes out on DVD, I'll just buy the box set and marathon through the episodes.

  • Once Upon a Time in Wonderland: Well, I'm on the fence about this one.  I might keep watching it on the off-chance that it ties back into the original Once Upon a Time series, but there's really little to like here.  Alice and Cyrus supposedly have the greatest love story since Romeo and Juliet, but I'm not buying it.  The actors have virtually no chemistry when they're on screen together, so the only proof I have that the romance is juicy is that Alice keeps insisting that it is.  The Red Queen is a living plastic Barbie Doll with little personality, and I find the way that the Knave of Heart's ears stick out very distracting.  Jafar is really the only person worth watching, but Naveen Andrews doesn't get nearly enough screen time.

  • Reign: From the first episode I knew I couldn't keep watching this mess, although I gave it three episodes to see if there was anything redeeming in it.  The costumes are laughably wrong; this is a TV show about Mary, Queen of Scots, but she and her four ladies-in-waiting run around wearing modern prom dresses and laughable medieval ensembles from a Halloween rental shop.  Life at the French Court apparently lacked drama and flair, because the writers had to invent an extra love interest in the form of Sebastian, the bastard son of the King of France and Diane de Poitiers.  It's a cringeworthy trainwreck.

  • Dracula: Speaking of trainwrecks, this has got to be the worst adaptation of Dracula out there.  The only thing the show has in common with the novel is the names of the characters.  Really.  In this version, Dracula is resurrected by Van Helsing and seeks to overthrow the English titans of industry with...magnetic power?  WHAT??  Oh, and did I mention that Dracula is masquerading as an American named Alexander Grayson?  Nobody watches Jonathan Rhys Meyers and thinks, "Yes, he's very good-looking, but wouldn't he be better with an American accent?"  It's ridiculous.  It's mind-boggling bad.  

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