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08 May 2003 @ 08:16 pm
Left alone forever; all alone together  
And you say, "What did-?" I say, "What did you say?" "We just - go away! Go away! Go away..."

Don't words sometimes start to look very strange when you've written them again and again? You repeat the word over and over, and suddenly you aren't sure you're spelling it right, even though you've recognized it since first grade. And it just keeps mutating and you can't remember it, this basic, simple word. Word. Word? Word...

I see the world in Pink
You see the world in bright pink. The world is a
happy, happy place! You love all people and
things!! Life is great! You're just like a
happy child. Spread the cheer.

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What color do you see the world in?
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It's become quite clear that if I ever hope to learn to sew well, I'm going to need a sewing machine. I keep thinking we must have one somewhere - how could we not? - but Mom insists there isn't one, so I guess I've got to figure out where to purchase one. Gag...it does make sense, though. I could do everything by hand, but the stitches will be poor, and uneven, and it will take so much longer. I guess I'll start looking tomorrow.

Here in the light, it burns you out. Sometimes here in the shell of a sun we echo on.
Current Mood: disappointeddisappointed
Current Music: "you say" by vertical horizon
capturedcapuu on May 9th, 2003 12:36 pm (UTC)
The best things in life are free o/~
Some things do need to be handstiched, zo, like pant darts and such. A little tailor's chalk or a tracing wheel could make thy hand-stitchy straightness much easier.

As for a sewing machine...merf, those suckers are nearly as much as computers and update software, especially the ones that *are* little magical computer embroidering genii's that I always pine for. Before you actually go out shopping, check the classified ads. There's such a large fashion district in your area that there simply must be sewing machines for sale, relatively unmolested, for simply being "out of date".

And then there're those cute, tiny sewing machines infomercials keep plugging. Certainly beats the standard metric ton. oo;
Suzik00kaburra on May 9th, 2003 03:07 pm (UTC)
Re: The best things in life are free o/~
Heh, I hella want one of those baby sewing machines. :) I intend to buy one on my next paycheck, ferreal.
I figure I've got to learn more about the different brands and models of sewing machines before I go out 'n' buy one, but I think I'll have to get one used fa sho. I'll never afford it otherwise :( But I don't want to try to find one w/o knowing anything about them, otherwise I'll buy one that's broken and not even realize it! (I am that stupid! ^_^;)

(Anonymous) on May 9th, 2003 10:56 pm (UTC)
For what it's worth...
For the record, I'm already so amazed at what you're like and what you can do. Sewing's just icing on the not-too-sweet not-too-bland cake that is you :)

Suzi: ggleek00kaburra on May 10th, 2003 02:57 pm (UTC)
Re: For what it's worth...
That is such a strange comment. I think I feel complimented...^^; Yes, I do. Thank you muchly dearie.