Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,
k00kaburra Box #14

GRAZE Box is a invitation-only snack subscription service that mails a box of four items every two or four weeks.  The boxes are $6.00 each.  To sign up, you need a friend code; mine is SUZIH2FXP if you would like to sign up. 

Coconut Paradise (formerly Bounty Hunter)
milk chocolate drops, coconut flakes and cranberries
See Box #8.

Salsa Fresca
tomato salsa fresca with cheesy sombreros
Ick.  While I like the idea of this snack, the execution leaves something to be desired.  The "cheesy sombreros" are bland rice crackers dusted in cheese powder.  The salsa is equally unexciting - watery tomato with a hint of heat, but nothing special.  There's a touch of lime, but it's a tease, promising the potential of a more original flavor without delivering the goods.
Verdict: TRASH

Chili & Lime Pistachios
roasted pistachios with chili and lime seasoning
See Box #5.

Rock the Casbah
chopped dates, walnuts and pumpkin seeds
Such a simple combination!  First of all, I love dates, and they don't appear in nearly enough trail mixes.  The walnuts and pumpkin seeds are plain, with no additional flavors.  It's very uncomplicated: sweetness from the fruit, crunch from the seeds, an earthiness from the walnuts.  Since it doesn't taste "fancy", I assume it's healthy, and I would mindlessly eat a pound of this stuff if I had it in front of me.  Good thing Graze's careful portioning prevents that kind of insanity.
Tags: food, graze, snacks, subscription boxes

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