Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

I'm gonna get a new sister next year!

My brother-in-law recently got engaged to his girlfriend Erin, who has been living with him for a few months now.  (I can't remember exactly when she moved in, but it was definitely before my move to Utah.)  All I can say is CONGRATULATIONS and IT'S ABOUT TIME.  I'm being a little facetious on that second bit - they only started going out at the beginning of 2012 so it's not as if Jared waited years and years.  But they're both in their mid-thirties, so if they want to have children (and I believe that is something both of them very much desire) then they need to GET ON IT, right?

It sounds like the wedding will be pretty soon - April 26th of next year.  It won't be too fancy, I guess, because it's going to be at Sean's parents' house.  I guess that's not a big surprise - I don't know if this is Erin's first marriage or not, but it's Jared's second so I can see why he might not want to make a big production out of it.

So that's the exciting family news of late.
Tags: engagement, erin, family, jared, relationships, wedding

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