Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

After being trapped in a plane, let's get trapped in a hotel room.

Well, here I am in New York City.

Last night, Seanie and I got on a plane for an overnight flight. Bad idea, it turns out.  I thought I would surely be able to sleep, but I couldn't - and by the time I realized I wasn't going to fall asleep on my own, there were only a few hours left in the flight so taking a sleeping pill would have only ensured an extreme sluggishness when we arrived at our destination.

I did pass out on the taxi ride from the airport to the hotel.  So there's that.

Image stolen from Yotel's website

Our hotel. My goodness. Our hotel (Yotel New York City) was clearly some design nerd's pet project.  Meant to emulate the appearance of an airplane cabin (WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT WHEN EVERYONE KNOWS PLANES ARE A MISERABLE PLACE TO BE?) the room was tiny and cramped.  The shelves were simply cut into the walls.  For a two person room - and I say that generously, because it was extremely crowded whenever both Seanie and myself were standing - there was an inordinate number of cupholders - one on each side of the bed, three or four in niches on the walls, and several more in the bathroom area.  The entire thing looked rather clever and a tad artsy, but it was the opposite of comfortable or livable.

The bathroom did not have a door, only a curtain.  Awkward.  The shower also did not have a door - instead, there was a glass door that could be shut to box in both toilet and shower stall.  Whenever one of us was in the shower, water splashed all over the floor by the toilet seat.  Wonderful.

Now, I've been staying in a lot of crappy motels, and one of the things I've come to appreciate is that nearly every one had a microwave, mini-firdge, and coffeemaker.  Yotel had none of these things.  On each floor, there was one communal room - the "galley" -  where you could go to get coffee out of a machine.  It was a very nice machine - it made mochas and lattes and hot chocolate and all your favorite fancy drinks - but if you wanted to make a hot drink sans pants, this was not an option.  No muy bien.

But sadly, by all accounts this is a very nice hotel and we're quite lucky to have it, because these rooms are devilishly expensive.  'Tis the price that must be paid for being located only about five blocks from the heart of Times Square.  Besides, Seanie had to do a bit of work and I was dead tired, and when you're passed out on the bed who cares what the rest of the place is like?
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