Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Has inspiration struck?

I've got a bit of an idea that's been rolling around in my brain for about twenty-four hours.  An idea for a business that I think could be successful, but I'm really not sure because the entire business model has only really taken off in the past year or so, and it's hard to predict whether the fad is just getting started or past its peak.

But supposing I figure out how to fund this venture...well, what do I do?  I have no idea how to start a new business, but if I start this thing on a small scale (so that I can run it out of the house) I feel like I ought to be able to do it.  But I know I'd overlook something important as I try to figure out all the start-up costs.  And while I've always theorized that I'd be a great manager for a small business, I don't actually know if that's true, which also makes me nervous.

So after Thanksgiving, I might put some serious work and effort into researching this idea, and I honestly find it a bit daunting and scary.  But part of me would hate to give up on the idea just because I'm nervous about taking the risk.

I do hate to talk about things so generally, but I don't want to get into specifics just yet.
Tags: business, inspiration, work

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