Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Thanksgiving 2013, Part II

Our duplex is not very big, so I was really surprised when I heard that Jared was going to host Thanksgiving in his half of the building. Between adults and children there were a dozen people crammed into the main living room, which was a tight squeeze. But Jared and Erin enjoy hosting parties, and they've gotten pretty creative about how they get people in, so it probably didn't seem like much of a challenge to them!

I came straight to the party from work, so I didn't bring any food. Well, that's a lie on two fronts - when I got home from work I took a nap before heading next door, because I was just wiped out. Also, we had a lot of leftover cupcakes from my parents' Thanksgiving so Seanie brought those over, too. But in terms of picking up something new or whipping up a side dish? Nope. Sorry. Didn't make it. I do feel a bit guilty about that.

Instead, I played with the twins. Apparently, they've come up with a new game that involves getting squished. They crawl behind you when you're leaning forward on a sofa and call out, "The tunnel collapsed!" and then you're supposed to lean back and crush them into the sofa cushions. It turns out that I am GREAT at this game, because I have no issues with crushing small children and I'm not heavy enough to suffocate them. Later in the night, Seanie and I swung them on Jared's suspended bench, nearly killing the kids when we pushed the back of the chair too hard. But they never knew, and (thankfully) their mother didn't notice.

Dinner was delicious. More turkey, stuffing, green beans, potatoes - all the traditional, usual foods. Erin did a great job, especially considering the tiny kitchen she had to work with! At one point, she even had to put our oven into service because there just wasn't enough room. But like a pro, she pulled it all together in the end!
Tags: buckleys, family, thanksgiving

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