Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Grumbling about the latest setback with this exhibit.

Work on my exhibit sign for the Anasazi museum continues…slowly. The fact that we are now two and a half months out from the initial contact date and I’m still not past the proof stage is ridiculous, especially for a company called FASTSIGNS.

The proof came today and it looked terrible. When I initially e-mailed them about the project in September, I asked if they could create signs that would match our current display’s designs, and send them a couple of photos. They said that they could, so I sent them a concept mockup for the flintknapping display that I made with Microsoft Paint, as that was the only image editing software I had in Utah. The proof, when I finally saw it, was basically a blown up version of that Paint mockup. It was horrible.

So I e-mailed back and asked if their graphic designer could match the fonts from the original signs and do a couple of other tweaks to make the sign at least look professional and in line, if not a matching replica, of the existing displays. Short answer? No. No one on staff could do this.

So f*cksocks, as Mr. Christopher Moore would say. What kind of sign company doesn’t have a graphic designer on staff? Or is it that they have a graphic designer and they can’t do something as simple as font matching – because I feel like this is a basic aspect of Graphic Design 101. I’m not saying every graphic designer needs an encyclopedic memory for fonts, so that they can recognize one on sight, but they ought to have a resource or two to help them figure out a mystery font. But my expectations may be unrealistic – the basic requirements for a successful graphic designer in Silicon Valley must be quite different from one in Utah.

I wish I could just say, “We’re done here, thank you, have a nice day!” and find someone else to contract with, but I think my boss has already put down a deposit on this project so I think we’re stuck with this company. So I shall do what I can this weekend to make an improved version of the sign with my limited resources.
Tags: anasazi state park, museum, rant

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