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Adrienne makes me think of that one guy...

I've been thinking about you, my love, and all the crazy things that you put me through. Now I'm coming around, throwing it all back to you. Were you thinking of me when you kissed him? Could you taste me when you licked his skin? All the while I showered you with trust and promises...what I'm needing now is some sweet revenge to get back all that I lost then. I gave you all I had to give, but I could never reach you, Adrienne. I thought I knew you – once again, you used me, used me. Adrienne, I should have left you long before you used me, used me up.

I got a bunch of new CDs today, a bunch of random choices. No Doubt, Simple Plan, The Donnas, The Calling, Bon Jovi, and Robbie Williams all found themselves newly added to my collection. I love Streetlight – most of these CDs looked brand new, and so cheap...I was sorely disappointed by the lack of Tori Amos in the used section; I guess if people go to the trouble of buying her CDs they don't get rid of them. Darn.

I redid my layout a bit; I like it, don't you? The colors are more agreeable than dull gray and white, and the little kookaburra just isn't as fun as my new picture; I like the unclean, unfinished look my doodle has. ^_^ That's how most of my art looks now, after all. I'm too damn lazy to finish anything...

I'm staring at dueling rose's livejournal and trying to figure out if I know her. I know of her; I think she's in DeAnza's Anime Club. I know I've seen emails from her before...but I can't place a face to her. Have I met her? That's what I can't quite figure out...anyway, her livejournal was linked in Lacey's livejournal, and so I assume Lacey knows her, so I'm trying to see if I can somehow recall her from that angle – but I can't. dueling rose mentions a Lindsey in a recent entry, so I'm wondering if it's Lindsey Phillips...and then I decided I've really been thinking about it too much and ought to move on.

Spent my money...drove my car...I treated you like a shining star, but in my sky all burnt out you are. And I'll have the last laugh when I see you walking with some other guy 'cause I know you're gonna end up all alone. So take these words – some good advice – all you've done's gonna come back twice. You never cared how much it hurt. I really need to tell you, Adrienne. I thought I knew you – once again, you used me, used me. Adrienne, I should have left you long before you used me, used me up.

I sent in my registration for West Valley today. I still owe DeAnza money, but I can't get their website to load from home. I might just go up to campus on Monday and deal with it and get it over with; it's really frustrating me. I still don't know what I want to take for my summer class there...I am not looking forward to fall. It looks like I'll have to be at work in the morning, DeAnza mid-day and West Valley at night. I could cry! But instead, I will try to enjoy the mini-vacation I've got set up for myself right now. The problem with school is I'm trying to keep all my academic classes @ DeAnza, so I am pretty much just taking electives at West Valley. Maybe I'll take more art, or appreciation of theatre? But I really don't have a high tolerance for movies...they put me to sleep. Theatre's gotta be live, baby. Well, until my registration clears I can't add classes anyway, so I've got nothing to worry 'bout for a while. At least I know that DeAnza's summer will be massage therapy, yoga, and math. Damn math! I swear I'll pass that class this time! Hmm...I could take yoga at West Valley...

What I'm needing now is some sweet revenge to get back all that I lost then. I gave you all that I had to give, but I could never reach you...


Want To Know Which Element You Are?
You are Water!

Stuck between the sky and the ground, you lack the sudden impulse that Air has but are unable to root yourself down like Earth. Though you have troubles finishing projects, people can depend on you for the most part (even if it means pulling a few all-nighters).
On the plus side, you are extremely adaptable and thus can adjust to any situation. Sure, you might not like it, but it doesn't weigh you down.
Best Match: Fire, just enough 'oomph' to keep your interest.
Worst Match: Spirit, you'll be out the door before they make up their minds.

Streea wasted a bunch of time making this test.


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