Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

A Christmas Craft at San Jose Museum of Quilts!

Tonight, Jeans and I signed up for a crafting project at the San Jose Museum of Quilts and Textiles. We didn't know the exact nature of the project, only that it was being hosted by an Francisco Bay Area Etsy Street Team. But free crafting? We're always interested!

It turns out that the evening's project would be a small Christmas tree made of felt. There was a variety of colors to choose from, but I went with the traditional green - for some reason, a blue or red cone seemed an alarming choice for a Christmas tree. (Although red would have made a cute Santa hat!) The first challenge was figuring out how to do the decorative stitch in gold thread around the edge of the tree. It took me ages to learn how to do it correctly, a fact that would have been embarrassing on its own (I'm crafty, I swear!) but it was made all the more awkward because Jeans picked it up right away. I blame the gold thread, which kept unraveling and making each step extra complicated.

After my tree had been decked with golden garlands, I started gluing my button "ornaments" on. It would have looked better if I'd sewn them on - and the buttons would have stayed much more secure - but at that point, Jeans and I had already been working on the trees for an hour, and I was getting concerned that there would not be enough time to finish. After gluing the buttons and tiny paper mushrooms, the tree had to be stitched shut. Trouble is, my felt didn't quite fit over the paper "frame" that gives the tree a little more support, so some of the white paper frame shows through the seam. Oops.

However, as long as I photograph the ornament from the other side, I think it turned out pretty cute!

Tags: art, jeannie, museum, san jose, san jose quilt museum, south first fridays

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