Suzi (k00kaburra) wrote,

Twin Tuesday

Seanie and I went over to Terry and Rhi's to sneak a peek at the bookshelves of the twins. Now that the kids are finally getting old enough to appreciate a good picture book, we want to get them some fun ones for Christmas - but obviously, repeat titles must be avoided.

While we were over there, the boys were playing with little matchbox cars. Sean had given Arlo a little General Lee (that famous orange Dukes of Hazzard Dodge Charger) that he used to play with back in high school, and Arlo was happily driving it all over the floor. When I sat down, he immediately asked if he could drive it through my hair. It seemed an odd request, but I said sure, and the kid happily spent the next ten minutes driving the car up and down the sides of my head.

Kids are weird.

His brother, Liam, thought this game looked like fun, so he threw his General Lee at my head. I don't think he meant to throw it, but in his excitement he lost his grip on the toy car. Nevertheless, having a small metal object smack the back of my head was...well, not fantastic. The nanny told him he had to apologize, and he refused, so there were several awkward minutes of him staring at me while I waited for him to say "Sorry". Eventually he managed to squeeze out an insincere apology, but by that time Arlo had figured out a new game that he wanted to play.

Arlo wanted to drive himself, not just his toy car, through a tunnel. A human tunnel. He kept trying to crawl between my knees, but he's not as small as he used to be and it didn't quite work, especially when Liam started trying to do the same thing. So, obligingly, I made myself into a bridge so that both boys and their cars could fit underneath.

At some point, Seanie glanced at his phone and realized that half the afternoon had gone by, so we hurried back to the nursery, took photographs of the bookshelves, and went on our merry way to the used bookstore. It was harder to pick books for the kids than I expected, because the selection was already rather picked through by early shoppers, but we did our best. We ended up spending well over our allotted book budget, but we can save some of the books to give to the boys for their birthday next month, so it all works out.
Tags: arlo, books, family, liam, rhi, twins

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