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09 December 2013 @ 03:48 pm
Where can we get the third season of Game of Thrones legally?  
Seanie and I recently finished the second season of Game of Thrones, and of course we are very eager to move on to the third season.  The show is so much more addictive than the books!  The characters are incredibly engaging, too.

Trouble is...where can we watch it?  We don't have HBO, and we have no plans to subscribe to it.  The expense?  Not worth it for just one show!  The DVDs won't be out until next spring, I think, and we don't want to wait that long!  But I'm thinking that may be our only choice, because I have not been able to find Game of Thrones streaming anywhere.

I'd really like to find out what all the hubbub about the Red Wedding was about, but Seanie and I don't pirate shows.
So I thought I'd throw the question out, just in case I'm overlooking something: is there a legal way to watch Game of Thrones before the DVD release in February?
Narratoraswirlymatrix on December 21st, 2013 06:18 am (UTC)
Suzik00kaburra on December 21st, 2013 06:24 am (UTC)
Well, darn.